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Our Values

Dispomed Values


At Dispomed, our commitment is to offer the best of ourselves and to exceed expectations in mutual assistance and integrity. The satisfaction of our customers is paramount both in terms of products and services we offer. Each opportunity presents a chance to exceed your expectations and propose innovative and tailor-made solutions to better meet your needs. We choose to act with respect and honesty as a mark of integrity for our customers, our team, and our partners.

Much more than a great rodent-building habitat, the Beaver has been Canada's official emblem since 1975. He symbolizes work and perseverance. He is a builder who has real power to change his environment, the course of things, and life. He can transform ideas and desire into reality. He's a hard worker! It's amazing how an animal of his size can change his living area in just a few days. The beaver, because he forms a life-long couple, is a model of fidelity and stability. It is for all these reasons that we have chosen the Beaver as our Totem of Engagement.

Sport brings team members and supporters together in a community that shares a common goal and passion. A sports team jersey shows that the Dispomed team is rallying around a collective project. No matter our department and the mandates entrusted to us on a daily basis, the health and growth of Dispomed and all the members of its team are close to our hearts. It is a common interest, a common passion.


At Dispomed, we are a passionate team with a devotion for the animal welfare. Whether it is through the realization of your small or large projects in constant evolution, our desire for success leads us to give you our best support. You, specialists in veterinary medicine, are our direct contact with animals and we are convinced that together we create the best team of dedicated people to improve their well-being.


At Dispomed, we define excellence through the competence of our team, the quality of our products and services and the innovation in our products. Innovation is at the heart of the business. We are on the lookout for trends and new technologies to offer products of quality that are designed exclusively for veterinary needs. We make sure that we have the skills to help you in the various areas covered by veterinary medicine. Quality, our cornerstone in both the service offering and the products, is the basis of our corporate decisions.

The medal symbolizes the recognition of excellence. It emphasizes perseverance and rigor. It rewards those who know how to surpass expectations and innovate. The Dispomed team is distinguished by the quality of its services, products, skills, and expertise in continuous development.


Beyond a pile of stones or rocks, the Inukshuk was a method of communication used by the Inuit ancestors present in the Arctic, their GPS! At that time, it was a reference point for travelers. It indicated the way to take while identifying the presence of dangers during a long journey.

Dispomed is first and foremost a team of exceptional people who have chosen to grow and work together on a long journey that involves challenges and beautiful accomplishments. The Inukshuk represents the point of reference we need to pursue our journey together. It also portrays that the Human value is essential to maintain and cultivate respect and harmony in our relationships. Finally, it inspires us to continue to grow together.


At Dispomed, we believe that a successful business needs to create strong alliances with the people around it – customers, employees, and partners. As a company, we value our people. Our greatest strength lies in the competence and collaboration of our different work units, and we choose to build all of our business relations with respect and harmony.

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