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Are you ready for Pet Dental Health Month?

10 steps to get ready for
the month ahead!

It’s a new year, so what better time to start your planification in prevision of the dental health month? Is your dental unit getting old? Would you like to add a dental unit to your clinic? Would you like to improve your efficiency during dental work? If you have answered yes to one of these questions, our dental guide is definitely a great way to start! You will find tips and tricks, videos, checklist and so much more!

Table of Contents

Easy Checklist for
Dental Month Readiness

Did you make an inventory of the equipment you will need to perform these surgeries? Did you evaluate the actual state of the equipment you already have? We’ve made a quick and easy equipment checklist to make sure you have them and are in good condition. Psst!! We also recommend passing through this checklist after the dental month. Chances are some of your material may not be in as good condition as it used to, or maybe you realized it would be of a great help to get new equipment for your next cases!

Learn more about the efficiency of the Highdent dental units

Highdent by Dispomed

The Quattro Plus is the most complete veterinary dental system with ergonomic features. When designing this unit, the primary goal was to help the veterinarian perform his work quicker, easier and without fatigue. Depending on the veterinarian’s preferences, you can adjust the angle of the handpiece console. This feature allows you to place the handpieces at the perfect angle to create the smoothest body movement. Manufacture in Canada by Dispomed with a 5-years warranty.

HIGHDENT Quattro Plus

HIGHDENT Quattro Plus Veterinary Dental Unit

+ Panel control for easy adjustments during dentistry

+ Easy to clean suction nozzle

+ Large shelf for your instruments

+ Piezo scaler autoclavable & easy to dismantle

+ Lightweight air/water syringe

+ Unmatched ergonomics to adjust the handpiece console to the desired angle

+ Adjustable height for easy storage

+ The quietest compressor on the market

+ Foot control pedal with double activation

+ Automatic selection of handpieces to increase your efficiency.

Adjustable high-speed handpiece

Highdent by Dispomed

These handpieces have a 12-month warranty and offer excellent quality for a large number of procedures. Our Highdent Fibre Optic high-speed handpiece is the perfect combination of quality with the Kavo connection combined with the precision of the LED light. The ceramic bearings offer a smooth and stable procedure.

Convenient and useful

HIGHDENT Dental LED High Speed Turbine Handpiece

+ 4-hole spray.

+ Standard head with light, Glass rod light conductor.

+ Standard cartridge with ceramic bearings.

+ Smooth grip, chrome-coated handpiece with steel insert and premium spindle

+ Push-button system

+ 6-hole quick connector with LED

+ MK-dent & Kavo MULTIflex connection, 21 W

+ Highdent Lubricant Oil

Refill your dental burs stock with our must-try sets

Round bur is used for caries excavation, cavity preparation, root canal access, and osseous surgery. Inverted cone with a slightly rounded edge on blade corners producing a smoother and superior cut. Generally used for entering carious pits, it produces an undercut in cavity preparations with a flat floor. The round-ended fissure model is ideal for sectioning teeth and removing broken roots in the gingiva. The flat-ended, tapered fissure bur is ideal for sectioning multi-rooted teeth and reducing crown height.

Shop our most popular Dental Instruments kits

Dispomed offers a range of Dental instruments to facilitate veterinarians, addressing current dental health issues of the animals. German premium medical-grade stainless is used while manufacturing each piece of equipment free from rust and corrosion. If you want to enhance your ability to deliver the best healthcare services, get your hands on our most valuable instrument.

Customize your Dental Table to your needs

Vet-Tables by Dispomed

The dental top is the best top to use when performing a dentistry procedure. Proudly made in Canada by Dispomed, it comes with a 5-year warranty. An additional option is available, ask for the Dental flat top.


Vet-Tables Scissor dental Table With Tilt

+ All tray tops are made of 304 grade stainless steel. Available with optional water heated top.

+ The easy to remove grid allows the liquid to evacuate into the basin.

+ Minimum height 11” (27.9 cm).Maximum height 40” (101.6 cm).

+ Rapid rail tie-down system lets you position animals safely, and add accessories.

+ 4 moveable paw attachments placed on the rails on each side of the table.

+ Lift capacity 300 lbs (136 Kg).

+ The silent motor stops automatically when the maximum height is reached.

+ Full aluminium machined structure for a greater robustness.

+ Slide cleaners prevent the accumulation of hair in the lifting rails.

+ The drain valve is under the basin and is easy to access, which allows for fast and easy cleaning of the dental table.

Learn how you can improve your dental procedures with the BOSS+

BOSS+ by Dispomed

BOSS+ The Brachycephalic and Oropharyngeal Surgical Stand + is the first of its kind to allow an independent restraint system that fastens to various models of surgical tables. The invention provides a safe, reliable, and improved method of restraining patients requiring brachycephalic obstructive airway syndrome corrective surgery, oropharyngeal, and various other surgeries.

Benefits of BOSS+

BOSS+ Brachycephalic and Oropharyngeal Surgical Stand +

+ Universal rail clamp system for quick, easy, and repeatable installation on veterinary surgical tables.

+ Safe, reliable and improved method of positioning for patients undergoing a variety of surgical procedures including brachycephalic obstructive airway syndrome (BOAS) corrective surgery.

+ Rubber-covered rope gag to allow for disinfection between procedures.

+ Sterilizable intraoral meshed fabric gag.

+ Tongue depressor capabilities.*

*Available soon.


+ Upper airway; oropharyngeal, including rhinoplasty, palatoplasty and laryngeal ventricle resection.

+ Perineal; including anal sac and perineal hernia surgery.

More surgeries.

+ Freedom and flexibility in patient positioning.

+ No assistants are required, which increases staff availability and efficiency.

+ Reduction of surgical time.

+ Third dimension for fastening of various accessories (articulated arm, camera, light source, etc.)

+ Improved surgeon ergonomics.

+ Lightweight, portable, and easy to disinfect.

Discover our dental X-ray solutions for your practice

With its elegant style coupled with cutting-edge patented ACE technology, X-MIND UNITY brings the standard of X-ray generators to a new level. Perfect accuracy and patient protection are what no other X-ray system has been able to reach so far. Flexible installation alternatives for your practice.

Accurate and safe

Wall-mount X-Mind Unity | Intraoral X-Ray generators


+ You can singlehandedly position and stabilize your generator.

+ Movement is fluid and is done without any effort or stress.


+ The anti-vibration and anti-movement mechanism ensures drift-free positioning during exposure.

+ Rotation made easier


+ A sharp and contrasted image

+ The X-Mind unity has a 0.4mm focal spot.


+ Effective protection for minimal exposure, for the patient and for the staff.

Find out how to make post dentistry care more efficient and safer!

The most powerful, portable, and affordable therapeutic laser for Veterinary use, featuring Blue Light and 50 Watts of power. The ACTIVet PRO provides a 300% increase in power which can shorten treatment times and provide powerful pain relief. Unlike High Powered Lasers, the increase in power of the ACTIVet PRO does not elevate the skin temperature making it the SAFEST HIGH POWERED LASER on the market.

Non-invasive and drug-free

MR5 ACTIVet Pro Laser - Multi Radiance Medical

+ 50W peak super pulsed power.

+ Includes Multi Radiance’s 3 proven frequencies.

+ 465 nm blue light for bacteria and wound management.

+ Shorter treatment times without raising skin temperatures.

+ Protective travel silicone sleeve.

+ Includes different probes.

Watch the video of the Handpiece
daily maintenance procedure

To optimize the life of your handpieces, it is essential to lubricate them meticulously. Indeed, if the manufacturer’s lubrication recommendations were not respected and there is breakage, it will not be covered under warranty. Have a look at our handpiece lubrication tips to avoid any breakage.

7 Handy Facts

To extend the lifespan of your high-speed handpieces. Whether it is to extend the life of your burs, avoid pain for the patient, or avoid breakage of the handpiece, you will certainly want to know the precautions to take when using your dental burs.

2. Applying excessive pressure to the bur

Too much pressure could cause unwanted heat and bur failure

In fact, applying pressure to the bur is very often a sign that the bur needs to be replaced. Damaged burs may damage the handpiece and cause pain to the patient.
Learn more

3. Removing the bur at too steep an angle

Always remove the bur when it is in a neutral position in the handpiece.

This will prevent potential breakage of the bur, but also the internal parts of your handpiece. Do not force the bur into the handpiece. If access is difficult, check the handpiece turbine and bur, and refer to the handpiece troubleshooting instructions.
Learn more

Take advantage of Dispomed service
plan to have your dental unit ready!

Make sure to have a Dispomed service plan to get the fastest assistance for your dental unit maintenance during this busy month! Are you aware that using Dispomed for annual maintenance on your veterinary equipment makes you eligible for discounts on all products and services?   You will also find that Dispomed offers excellent value, industry-leading, comprehensive inspections, approved reports for your records and unmatched customer support. We also provide loaner equipment to keep your clinic up and running when your machines need repair.

What time of year do you usually have your equipment maintained? Your Dispomed team would be happy to contact you closer to that time and provide you with a quote and summary of our services.

Working with companies that can handle some of the growing difficulties your business might experience is really helpful in keeping you stay focused on what matters the most: your patients’ health. Working with people who are experienced and knowledgeable in each of their fields to guide you is the best way to save time, avoid loss of money, and lower your stress level.

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